Sue Doyle, Senior Property Manager
Thomas Properties Group:
“Century Restoration, Inc. was on-site at the Valencia Town Center for over nine months completing a major restoration project on three of our buildings that had a mixture of office and retail and we never had one complaint. Even the manager at Westfield Malls was amazed that they could have accomplished such a big project without a single problem with any of the high-rent tenants.”

Jeff Luthe, Transpacific Development Corporation:
“I would like to thank you for the many years of great service and council with the many projects here at Transpacific Development Company. I have found that your personnel are very knowledgeable and work in a professional manner... The waterproofing by injection and planter renovation at the Sony building in Culver City has greatly reduced the water intrusion in the underground parking areas… I hope to maintain our excellent working relationship in the future.”

Centa Branca, Property Manager
Douglas Emmett Management LLC:
“Last year we had the privilege to have Mr. Armando Bueno supervise our curtain wall project at 1901 Avenue of the Stars in Los Angeles and we were very impressed by his excellent performance and his professionalism. Armando understood our expectations and ensured that they were met. He was dependable and his communication with management and engineering was thorough and concise. It was a pleasure working with Armando.”

Peter Salazar, Chief Engineer Equity Office:
“Whenever we need waterproofing or coatings, we call Century Restoration. Armando Bueno has taken care of whatever we need, including waterproofing our curtain wall, and fixing leaks on the roof. His crews are professional, and the quality of their work is excellent.”

Steve Achorn, Operations Manager
Thomas Properties Group:
“I hadn’t worked with Century Restoration, Inc. before our major curtain wall project at the City National Plaza, but I am pleased to report that they have exceeded my expectations. When we conducted filming at the project, they were very responsive and facilitated our demands without complaint. Kelly McBride and Armando Bueno kept me informed at all times during the two year project we are very happy with the quality of the work.