Below-grade, planters and split-slab Century Restoration Inc. has the expertise to ensure that these critical areas of waterproofing are completed properly and will hold up over time. We use only the best products with proper detailing to provide a “belt & suspenders” approach to waterproofing areas that are difficult, if not impossible to repair after the landscape or hardscape is installed. For these reasons, frequently we combine a primary coat of fluid-applied membrane followed by a compatible sheet membrane and protected with a geotextile protection/drainage board to eliminate the chance for hydrostatic pressures to build up, or for roots to breach seams or holidays.    
  The devil is in the details. Anyone who has completed below-grade waterproofing knows that it is dirty and difficult work. As a restoration contractor, we know that the reason we are there repairing the problems is because the economics of the original construction caused the first contractor to use shortcuts and inferior materials, knowing that their work would be covered up. Unfortunately, when the building moves and roots seek water sources, these inferior installations are compromised, leading to leaks that force expensive repairs.    
  When repairs become necessary, “positive-side” methods are always the best, but most often the most expensive. Given the cost of these repairs, Century Restoration Inc. makes sure that the surface preparation and detailing is assiduously monitored so that our installation will provide many years of leak-free performance. That diligence combined with the best materials makes our work the best in the business.