From the largest roof to the smallest deck, Century Restoration Inc. has the expertise to ensure your dollars are well spent. Our track record includes the Watergarden roofs, with over 200,000 square feet of polyurethane traffic coating installed in occupied buildings. We also have completed a variety of specialty finishes that include custom color coatings at school lunch areas, cementitious deck finishes that are both waterproof and decorative and highly specialized flooring products.    
  First, choose the right product, then, do the surface preparation properly. Every job starts with a complete understanding of the service environment, the amount of traffic, exposure, and aesthetic issues required of the coating. After these are discussed and reviewed with our customer, we offer the proper coating product that will meet those needs with the lowest cost and longest service life.    
  • Licensed Neogard Applicators – waterproof traffic membranes for pedestrian, vehicular and roof decks.
  • Factory trained Lifedeck acrylic-modified cementitious finishes.
  • CIM polyurethane asphalt-compatible coatings.
  • Mechanical room floors.
  • Chemical resistant coatings for chillers or other industrial applications.



  Specialty finishes require a keen understanding of moisture vapor and thermal expansion/contraction. At Century Restoration Inc., we understand that the most beautiful finish needs to be well adhered and have sufficient abrasion resistance and tensile strength to provide an adequate service life. We have learned that epoxies may be strong, but they tend to fail due to problems related to thermal cycling and moisture vapor transmission. We have moved to products that are able to accommodate diurnal changes in temperature that cause expansion/contraction and then we properly apply them with primers or surface preparation methods to ensure that moisture vapor transmission doesn’t fail the coating.