Without a doubt, Century Restoration Inc. is the best choice for restoration of exterior metal curtain walls in southern California. Our crews have restored many of the world’s premier high rise buildings including the stainless steel of the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, the gantries of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank in Hong Kong, the 100-story bronze anodized metal of the John Hancock Center in Chicago and the twin 44-story Century Plaza Towers.    
  We choose an “engineered abrasive” method that is proper for the particular finish of the building. At Century Restoration Inc., we know that chemical cleaning is fraught with the chance of collateral damage and acts upon corrosion and contaminants unevenly. We believe that the best results are developed with a combination of “elbow grease” and the right choice of abrasive, rather that “cheating” the labor with the magic chemical cleaner. In the end, the proof is our results, so even if you consider a different contractor for your building, we strongly urge you to look into their methods.