If you simply need to paint a wall, you don’t need Century Restoration Inc. But if you want a project where the elastomeric coating lasts ten years or more and is functionally waterproof, then we are the best in Southern California. We have completed large and difficult projects such as the Park Hyatt Century City and the Valencia Town Center (four buildings), both difficult projects that had an extensive history of leaks, EIFS failure and mold-related problems. Century Restoration, Inc. provided a complete waterproofing solution of caulking and elastomeric coatings that protected and beautified these premier projects.    

The fact is, every painter will recommend elastomeric coatings as the best product available, but there are large differences in the materials that are sold to the painting trade and those provided to the restoration/waterproofing industry. Century Restoration Inc. uses the products of major national/international manufacturers that use superior chemistry in their materials to ensure that their long-term warranties will endure a ten-year life cycle.

  Elastomeric Coatings are only a part of the waterproofing envelope that includes proper flashings, caulking and adjacent traffic coatings. At Century Restoration Inc., we know how to integrate all of these products into a full waterproofing system that is backed by a long term warranty up to ten years or more.