As concrete repairs have become greater focus of our business, Century Restoration Inc. has developed specialized skills required to properly repair cementitious or natural stone substrates to complete our care of the exterior building envelope. Translating our skills in restoring the Garland Building terra cotta cornice in Chicago to the local buildings such as 650 Fifth Street in Los Angeles, we have used modified concrete and epoxy pinning methods to repair these masonry and concrete structures.    
  In a similar fashion, Century Restoration Inc. used modified concrete underlayments to strengthen the sidewalks at the Staples Center and then installed specialized finishes to match the original custom concrete pours. Unfortunately, the original concrete was not strong enough to withstand high loads from heavy equipment used to stage the various events and would fracture at edges and joints which necessitated our repairs.    
  As members of the International Concrete Restoration Institute, we promise to bring a high level of technical expertise and functional understanding of building structures to ensure that your building is repaired properly the first time so that your dollars are well spent.