Diligent Preparation + Excellent Workmanship + Competitive Cost = VALUE!

Our long history in the waterproofing and restoration business has taught us that a formula for success is simple; prepare the surface properly, choose the best materials you can find, and apply them the way the manufacturer recommends. The result is that our jobs hold up longer than any other applicator we know which means that we have the most satisfied customers around!

All of our estimators use a “customer-oriented” approach to waterproofing and restoration so that we only bid the work you need. We analyze the way your building is built so that we can choose the proper method to fix the real problem versus our competitors who don’t know a “stack” joint from a “stick” wall and simply caulk every crack in sight, leaving an unsightly mess that often doesn’t stop the leak. We know that a satisfied customer means frequent referrals that have resulted in a customer list that includes the best real estate managers in the industry, who give Century Restoration Inc. their largest and most important jobs.

Call us for a free estimate so that you can experience our expertise for yourself and compare our costs to the rest of the competition. Our bid will have more information and detail that will allow you to understand the scope and reason for the repair, justifying the precious maintenance dollars to owners and managers.

Our Values (in order):

1. Safety - to establish and maintain the best safety program in our business.
2. Quality – provide technical excellence in form and function.
3. Production – consistent effort to produce value and maintain accurate schedules.
4. Documentation – the best documentation of safety, records and warranty support.