Smart real estate managers know that their building exterior walls must be waterproof and look good to maximize their return on investment. At Century Restoration, we have worked on many of the world’s premier properties to enhance the exterior façade both functionally and aesthetically, using over twenty-five years of experience to solve problems. We work as a team with building managers, curtain wall consultants and asset managers to provide quality and value for exterior building restoration and waterproofing.

Having previously operated five branches in the major cities of the U.S and three branches in Asia, Century Restoration, Inc. now concentrates our efforts only in the Southwest USA, making us the most over-qualified exterior restoration company in Los Angeles; but we like it that way. Our customers benefit from our extensive knowledge that results in competitive bids, excellent project management and fast completion schedules.

So whether you need work on a 100-story high rise tower or a small commercial building, Century Restoration will use our expertise to offer excellent work at reasonable cost that will make both you and your building look good! The next time your building needs caulking, concrete repairs, specialty finishes, waterproof coatings, or simply a facelift, we can estimate exactly what you need to protect, beautify or restore your valuable property.